Many Voices Make Us Better

NIRI Los Angeles values and encourages diversity. Fostering a community that is inclusive and welcoming of individuals with diverse backgrounds regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability, is one of the most effective ways we can achieve our mission of driving best practices in investor relations. We believe it is imperative to add our voice to drive meaningful and lasting change within our industry along with the professional organizations to which each of our members belong.

NIRI Los Angeles is committed to promoting diverse candidates in leadership positions across our network, including Board positions, event speakers and other opportunities in which our supporters can benefit from a variety of perspectives. We are also committed to taking steps to make our programming and networking initiatives more inclusive and supportive of all NIRI Los Angeles members to promote fair access to opportunities, visibility and advancement. As one of the most prominent American entrepreneurs Malcolm Forbes once said, “Diversity is that art of thinking independently together.” We look forward to sharing each of our member’s ideas to bring us together in exceptional thought leadership for the field of investor relations.