Volunteer for NIRI Los Angeles

The NIRI Los Angeles needs members like you who volunteer on our committees and/or on our Board of Directors.

For example, our volunteers create all of our programs. The benefit of volunteering is that you can choose the topics you would like to learn more about while improving your network to include the experts you will work with as our guest speakers.

All of our volunteers have the opportunity to build their network with people at other companies through work on one of our committees and on our Board of Directors. The NIRI Los Angeles volunteers are a fun group of people to socialize with, especially during the annual NIRI conference where we have the opportunity to meet with many of our volunteers in person and socialize at our annual party.

For examples of our committees, see Board Committees.

For a list of our Board Members, see Leadership.

If you would like to learn more about our member volunteer opportunities, contact us.